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2021-2022 - Pilot Research Proposal Deadlines

Unit LOI Proposal Selection
Tippie College of Business CFP



12/10/21 Minjee Sun
College of Engineering      



1/31/22 Chris Cheatum
Carver College of Medicine CFP 5/27/22 6/24/22  
Psychiatry CFP



3/11/22 Nicholas Trapp
Radiology CFP




Paul DiCamillo

Sarv Priya

IPRC-CPH CFP 4/25/22 5/30/22  
College of Education 3/21/22 (1) 4/10/22 Izumi


2020-2021 - Pilot Research Proposal Deadlines
Unit LOI Proposal Selection
Biochemistry CFP 2/10/21 (2) 3/5/21



College of Engineering CFP 3/1/21 (3) 3/26/21




CLAS CFP 12/15/20 (5) 1/31/21 *CruzCorchado-Comeron-Prahlad;
Ophthalmology (1)   *Pham
Psychiatry CFP 10/30/20 (4) 12/7/20



Radiology CFP 12/15/20 (2) 1/31/21 *Bathla-Priya
IPRC-CPH 3/25/21 (2) 4/15/21



Carver College of Medicine CFP 5/15/21 (12) 6/1/21

(Past-years information provided way below)

IIAI Pilot Projects selected for funding after internal competition

Total number of projects:  54

Psychiatry (10/15/19):

  1. Aubrey Chan - Basolateral amygdala circuits in defensive behavior regulation - Final Report

  2. Mark Niciu - ​Molecular Antidepressant Signatures from Single Cell Transcriptomics in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Human Cortical Spheroids - Final Report


  1. Aislinn Williams - Machine Learning to Enhance Detection of Depression-Related Behaviors and Improve Throughput in Animal Behavior Assays

  2. Dorit Kliemann, James Traer - Characterizing Naturalistic Sound Features relevant for Mental Disorders in Human Behavior and Brain Function with Computational Models

Radiology (12/2/19):

  1. Girish Bathla - Using Neural Networks To Derive Volume of Ischemic Core and Hypo-perfused Brain Tissue Using Computed Tomography Perfusion And Brain Datasets - Final Report

  2. Sedat Kandemirli - Automatic Segmentation and Volume Calculation of Intracranial Ventricular System on Computed Tomography - Final Report

  3. Archana Laroia - Pneumothorax Detection in Chest X-rays using Deep Neural Networks - Final Report

  4. Sarv Priya - Lesion Segmentation and Use of Multiparametric deep learning-based radiomics model for differentiating between glioblastoma, primary CNS lymphoma and brain metastasis on magnetic resonance imaging Final Report


  1. Girish Bathla, Sarv Priya - Radiomic based differentiation between glioblastoma and metastasis: comparison of two different contrast enhanced sequences.


  1. Paul DiCamillo - Selecting a Patient Population for a Retrospective Study Using Image Features: An Automated Patient Selection Technique for Navigating Large CT Image Sets

  2. Sarv Priya - Deep learning-based brain tumor segmentation using multimodality MRI

Tippie (12/3/19):

  1. Bodi Vasi - Developing New Measures for Research on Impression Management - Final Report


  1. Minjee Sun - Between the Originality and Popularity: How to Create Successful Digital Content

CLAS (12/3/19):

  1. Casey T. DeRoo  - Automated Searches of X-ray Data for the Earliest Black Holes - Final Report

  2. Rishab Nithyanand, Brian Ekdale, Timothy Havens  - Algorithmic Personalization and Online Radicalization - Final Report


  1. Johnny Cruz-Corchado, Josep Comeron, Veena Prahlad: Discovering the rules that govern the response of organisms to stress. 

  2. James Shepherd, Laura Weiler, Tina Mihm: Machine learning long-range interactions in metals for drug discovery and semiconductor physics


  1. Chris Cheatum - Machine Learning Classification of Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectra for High Throughput Screening

Biochemistry (1/27/20):

  1. Maria Spies - G4TIRFM: a platform for massively parallel analysis of DNA G-quadruplexes

  2. Michael Schnieders - Protein Structure Prediction by Combining Deep Learning with Physics-Based Simulations using the Force Field X Software - Final Report


  1. Brandon Davies - Predicting interactions between extracellular lipases and endogenous inhibitors

  2. Miles Pufall Molecular Dynamics Simulation Trajectory Analysis to Understand DNA-binding Specificity

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (2/5/20):

  1. Robert Cornell - Predicting effects of Noncoding Variants associated with Breast Cancer Susceptibility using Machine Learning - Final Report

  2. Yusung Kim - Validation of predicted tumor recurrence lesions of deep learning-segmentation based prognostication (DESEP) model - Final Report

  3. Jinha Park - Radiomic features of CT images of malignant melanoma tumors predict responses to checkpoint inhibition and immune activation - Final Report

College of Engineering (4/15/20):

  1. Shaoping Xiao & Ricardo Mantilla: e-Learning-Based Flood Forecasting and Control - Final Report

  2. Tae-Hong Lim & Stephen Baek: Discovery of the Spinal Musculoskeletal Mechanism for the Lumbar Stabilization using Bayesian Graph Convolutional Neural Networks - Final Report

  3. Thomas Nickl-Jockschat & Stephen Baek: Gene expression-driven brain parcellation via manifold convolutional neural network


  1. Joe Gomes & Gregory Carmichael: Deep Digital Twins: A Framework to Make Cities More Sustainable and Resilient

  2. Fatima Toor & Peter Thorne: AI/ML supported analysis of multiple volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detection data with high spectral overlap

  3. Shaoping Xiao  &  Ricardo Mantilla: Artificial Intelligence in Design of Active Reservoir System for Flood Mitigation

College of Education (4/2/20):

  1. Anne Estapa & Seth King: Immersive Virtual Mathematics Education for Teachers of Children with ASD (Project VIME) - Final Report

  2. J. T. Izumi: Assessing Social-Emotional Learning with Immersive Virtual Environments (SELIVE)

COVID-19 (5/2/20):

  1. Weiyu Xu & Raghu Mudumbai (C. of Engineering): High-Throughput and Low-Cost Testing of COVID-19 Viruses and Antibodies through Artificial Intelligence for Compressed Sensing

Injury Prevention Research Center - College of Public Health (7/1/20):

  1. Colette Galet, Dionne Skeete,Kathleen Romanowski: Identification of a signature predictive of fall injury and 30-day readmission for a fall in an elderly patient cohort - Final Report

  2. Anna Merrill, Juan Pablo Hourcade, Brandi Janssen, Heath Davis, Ryan Carnahan: Identifying Risk Factors to Predict Adverse Outcomes Related to Substance Use - Final Report


  1. Lisa Roth: National/Iowa Violent Death Reporting system.  Visualization platform for law enforcement, medical examiner, and justice system 

  2. Cori Peek-Asa: Firearms and circumstances of violent deaths 


Carver College of Medicine (7/1/20):

  1. Don Anderson, Geb Thomas, Stephen Baek, Matt Karam:Utilizing AI/ML approaches to assess surgical performance and provide virtual coaching - Final Report

  2. Jesus Gonzalez Bosquet, Xiaodong Wu, Hui Xie, Douglas Russo, Maheen Rajput: Prediction of pelvic mass malignancy on CT scan using AI - Final Report

  3. Takashi Shawn P. Sato, Aleksander Lenert: Machine Learning for Predicting the Development of Damage and Lesion Distribution Patterns on Whole Body MRI in Children with Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis  - Final Report

  4. Mauricio S. Galizia, Prashant Nagpal, Brian Mullan, Archana Laroia:Prediction Of Pulmonary Embolism By Dual-Energy Ct Blood Pool Imaging Using An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Final Report

  5. Santiago Ortega Gutierre, Brian Smith, Andres Dajles, Mudassir Farooqui: Using Machine Learning Algorithms To Predict Final Infarct Volume And Functional Outcomes Based On Brain Collateral Patterns, Clinical Features And Time+Degree Of Recanalization


  1. Carlos Chan & Jeremy Chang, Kelsey Thomann, Maheen Rajput, Erin Talbert, Tianbao Yang: Machine-learning based investigation of prognostic indicators for oncological outcome of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

  2. Michael Chimenti, Diana Kolbe, Ryan Thorpe, Richard Smith: ML classification of copy number variations from targeted sequencing of the STRC gene

  3. Calvin Carter & Sunny Huang, Val Sheffield: An Integrative Multiomic Machine Learning Approach to Identify Candidate Mammalian Electromagnetic Receptors that Regulates Glycemia

  4. Milena A. Gebska & Antony Anandaraj, Tyler Bullis, Aron Evans, Samuel Johnston, Sangil Lee, Brian Olshansky, Deepak Kumar Pasupula, Giselle M. Statz, Jon N. Van Heukelom: Novel Machine Learning Algorithms to Risk Stratify Patients with Syncope Presenting to the Emergency Department 

  5. Danielle R. Rios & Adrianne R. Bischoff, Amy Stanford, Regan Giesinger, Patrick J. McNamara: Evaluation of left atrial strain using machine learning techniques

  6. Joel St-Aubin & David Dunkerley, Sridhar Yaddanapudi: Reinforcement Learning Based Adaptive Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer

  7. Kamonpun Ussavarungsi & Eric A. Hoffman, Junfeng Guo, Archana T. Laroia, Joseph M. Reinhardt, Alicia K. Gerke, Nabeel Hamzeh: A model to predict idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis outcomes

Ophthalmology (10/20/20):

  1. Chau Pham: Eyelid malignancy 

High Throughput Screening Facility (1/20/21)

  1. Meng Wu: Tracking and quantifying cell mitosis in microscopy image sequences

Law (10/20/20):

  1. Jason Rantanen: Distance Reading Patent Law 

Nursing (10/20/20):

  1. Stephanie Gilbertson-White: Using machine learning to develop symptom prediction models in patients with cancer and multimorbidity


CFP - see the linked information for submission info

    • Carver College of Medicine (CCoM) CFP​
      • (​closed, 6 projects selected)
    • CCoM Departments and Units
      • Biochemistry - 2020-CFP, 2021-CFP
        • (closed, 2 projects selected)
      • Psychiatry - 2019 CFP2020 CFP
        • (closed, 2 projects selected)
      • Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center - CFP 
        • (closed, 3 projects selected)
      • Radiology - CFP, 2020 CFP 
        • (closed, 4 projects selected)
    • College of Education - CFP sent to a targeted subgroup
      • (closed, 1 2-year project selected)
      College of Engineering - CFP 
      • (closed, 3 projects selected)
    • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - CFP, 2020  CFP
      • (closed, 2 projects selected)
    • Tippie College of Business - CFP2020 CFP
      • (closed, 1 project selected)
    • Injury Prevention Research Center - College of Public Health - CFP
      • ​​(closed, 2 projects selected)
    • COVID-19
      • (contact prior to proposal submission, 1 project selected)
    2019-2020 - Pilot Research Proposal Deadlines - CLOSED
    Unit LOI (38) Proposal Selection (28), Final Report Extramural Grant Submitted and/or Funded
    Biochemistry 11/1/19 (2) 12/20/19


    Schnieders - Report


    NIH R01 - funded

    College of Education Targeted PIs (1) 3/27/20 Estapa-King - Report

    Obermann - funded
    NSF - submitted 

    IES - submitted

    College of Engineering 2/20/20 (5) 3/21/20

    Mantilla-Xiao - Report

    Lim-Baek - Report


    NSF Submitted



    CLAS 10/1/19  (3) 11/15/19

    DeRoo - Report

    Nithyanand - Report

    NASA, Chandra - 2 submitted

    DoD-Minerva - funded

    HCCC 11/1/19 (4) 12/20/19

    Cornell - Report

    Kim - Report

    Park - Report

    Psychiatry 8/15/19   (3) 9/23/19

    Chan - Report

    Niciu - Report

    Radiology 10/1/19   (6) 11/15/19

    Laroia A

    Bathla - Report

    Priya - Report

    Kandemirli - Report



    ACS - funded


    Tippie College of Business 10/1/19   (3) 11/15/19 Vasi - Report NSF - submitted
    IPRC-CPH 2/14/20 (2) 5/1/20

    Galet - Report

    Merrill - Report

    Carver College of Medicine 5/15/20 (8) 6/1/20

    Anderson - Report


    Gonzalez Bosquet - Report

    Lenert-Sato - Report

    Galizia - Report


    NIH R18 (AHRQ) - submitted


    Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance - submitted



    COVID-19 (1)   Engineering - Xu-Mudumbai NSF - funded


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