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2020-2021 - Pilot Research Proposal Deadlines
Unit LOI Proposal Selection
Biochemistry CFP 2/10/21 (2) 3/5/21



College of Engineering CFP 3/1/21 (3) 3/26/21




CLAS CFP 12/15/20 (5) 1/31/21 *CruzCorchado-Comeron-Prahlad;
Ophthalmology (1)   *Pham
Psychiatry CFP 10/30/20 (4) 12/7/20



Radiology CFP 12/15/20 (2) 1/31/21 *Bathla-Priya
IPRC-CPH 3/25/21 (2) 4/15/21



Carver College of Medicine CFP 5/15/21 (12) 6/1/21

(Past-years information provided way below)

IIAI Pilot Projects selected for funding after internal competition

Total number of projects:  49

Psychiatry (10/15/19):

  1. Aubrey Chan - Basolateral amygdala circuits in defensive behavior regulation - Final Report

  2. Mark Niciu - ​Molecular Antidepressant Signatures from Single Cell Transcriptomics in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Human Cortical Spheroids


  1. Aislinn Williams - Machine Learning to Enhance Detection of Depression-Related Behaviors and Improve Throughput in Animal Behavior Assays

  2. Dorit Kliemann, James Traer - Characterizing Naturalistic Sound Features relevant for Mental Disorders in Human Behavior and Brain Function with Computational Models

Radiology (12/2/19):

  1. Girish Bathla - Using Neural Networks To Derive Volume of Ischemic Core and Hypo-perfused Brain Tissue Using Computed Tomography Perfusion And Brain Datasets - Final Report

  2. Sedat Kandemirli - Automatic Segmentation and Volume Calculation of Intracranial Ventricular System on Computed Tomography - Final Report

  3. Archana Laroia - Pneumothorax Detection in Chest X-rays using Deep Neural Networks

  4. Sarv Priya - Lesion Segmentation and Use of Multiparametric deep learning-based radiomics model for differentiating between glioblastoma, primary CNS lymphoma and brain metastasis on magnetic resonance imaging Final Report


  1. Girish Bathla, Sarv Priya - Using Deep Learning Based Natural Language Process to Accurately Identify Temporal Changes in Disease Burden Over Time Without Manual Input

Tippie (12/3/19):

  1. Bodi Vasi - Developing New Measures for Research on Impression Management - Final Report

CLAS (12/3/19):

  1. Casey T. DeRoo  - Automated Searches of X-ray Data for the Earliest Black Holes - Final Report

  2. Rishab Nithyanand, Brian Ekdale, Timothy Havens  - Algorithmic Personalization and Online Radicalization - Final Report


  1. Johnny Cruz-Corchado, Josep Comeron, Veena Prahlad: Discovering the rules that govern the response of organisms to stress. 

  2. James Shepherd, Laura Weiler, Tina Mihm: Machine learning long-range interactions in metals for drug discovery and semiconductor physics

Biochemistry (1/27/20):

  1. Maria Spies - G4TIRFM: a platform for massively parallel analysis of DNA G-quadruplexes

  2. Michael Schnieders - Protein Structure Prediction by Combining Deep Learning with Physics-Based Simulations using the Force Field X Software


  1. Brandon Davies - Predicting interactions between extracellular lipases and endogenous inhibitors

  2. Miles Pufall Molecular Dynamics Simulation Trajectory Analysis to Understand DNA-binding Specificity

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (2/5/20):

  1. Robert Cornell - Predicting effects of Noncoding Variants associated with Breast Cancer Susceptibility using Machine Learning - Final Report

  2. Yusung Kim - Validation of predicted tumor recurrence lesions of deep learning-segmentation based prognostication (DESEP) model - Final Report

  3. Jinha Park - Radiomic features of CT images of malignant melanoma tumors predict responses to checkpoint inhibition and immune activation - Final Report

College of Engineering (4/15/20):

  1. Shaoping Xiao & Ricardo Mantilla: e-Learning-Based Flood Forecasting and Control

  2. Tae-Hong Lim & Stephen Baek: Discovery of the Spinal Musculoskeletal Mechanism for the Lumbar Stabilization using Bayesian Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

  3. Thomas Nickl-Jockschat & Stephen Baek: Gene expression-driven brain parcellation via manifold convolutional neural network


  1. Joe Gomes & Gregory Carmichael: Deep Digital Twins: A Framework to Make Cities More Sustainable and Resilient

  2. Fatima Toor & Peter Thorne: AI/ML supported analysis of multiple volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detection data with high spectral overlap

  3. Shaoping Xiao  &  Ricardo Mantilla: Artificial Intelligence in Design of Active Reservoir System for Flood Mitigation

College of Education (4/2/20):

  1. Anne Estapa & Seth King: Immersive Virtual Mathematics Education for Teachers of Children with ASD (Project VIME)

COVID-19 (5/2/20):

  1. Weiyu Xu & Raghu Mudumbai (C. of Engineering): High-Throughput and Low-Cost Testing of COVID-19 Viruses and Antibodies through Artificial Intelligence for Compressed Sensing

Injury Prevention Research Center - College of Public Health (7/1/20):

  1. Colette Galet, Dionne Skeete,Kathleen Romanowski: Identification of a signature predictive of fall injury and 30-day readmission for a fall in an elderly patient cohort

  2. Anna Merrill, Juan Pablo Hourcade, Brandi Janssen, Heath Davis, Ryan Carnahan: Identifying Risk Factors to Predict Adverse Outcomes Related to Substance Use


  1. Lisa Roth: National/Iowa Violent Death Reporting system.  Visualization platform for law enforcement, medical examiner, and justice system 

  2. Cori Peek-Asa: Firearms and circumstances of violent deaths 


Carver College of Medicine (7/1/20):

  1. Don Anderson, Geb Thomas, Stephen Baek, Matt Karam:Utilizing AI/ML approaches to assess surgical performance and provide virtual coaching 

  2. Jesus Gonzalez Bosquet, Xiaodong Wu, Hui Xie, Douglas Russo, Maheen Rajput: Prediction of pelvic mass malignancy on CT scan using AI

  3. Takashi Shawn P. Sato, Aleksander Lenert: Machine Learning for Predicting the Development of Damage and Lesion Distribution Patterns on Whole Body MRI in Children with Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis

  4. Mauricio S. Galizia, Prashant Nagpal, Brian Mullan, Archana Laroia:Prediction Of Pulmonary Embolism By Dual-Energy Ct Blood Pool Imaging Using An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

  5. Santiago Ortega Gutierre, Brian Smith, Andres Dajles, Mudassir Farooqui: Using Machine Learning Algorithms To Predict Final Infarct Volume And Functional Outcomes Based On Brain Collateral Patterns, Clinical Features And Time+Degree Of Recanalization


  1. Carlos Chan & Jeremy Chang, Kelsey Thomann, Maheen Rajput, Erin Talbert, Tianbao Yang: Machine-learning based investigation of prognostic indicators for oncological outcome of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

  2. Michael Chimenti, Diana Kolbe, Ryan Thorpe, Richard Smith: ML classification of copy number variations from targeted sequencing of the STRC gene

  3. Calvin Carter & Sunny Huang, Val Sheffield: An Integrative Multiomic Machine Learning Approach to Identify Candidate Mammalian Electromagnetic Receptors that Regulates Glycemia

  4. Milena A. Gebska & Antony Anandaraj, Tyler Bullis, Aron Evans, Samuel Johnston, Sangil Lee, Brian Olshansky, Deepak Kumar Pasupula, Giselle M. Statz, Jon N. Van Heukelom: Novel Machine Learning Algorithms to Risk Stratify Patients with Syncope Presenting to the Emergency Department 

  5. Danielle R. Rios & Adrianne R. Bischoff, Amy Stanford, Regan Giesinger, Patrick J. McNamara: Evaluation of left atrial strain using machine learning techniques

  6. Joel St-Aubin & David Dunkerley, Sridhar Yaddanapudi: Reinforcement Learning Based Adaptive Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer

  7. Kamonpun Ussavarungsi & Eric A. Hoffman, Junfeng Guo, Archana T. Laroia, Joseph M. Reinhardt, Alicia K. Gerke, Nabeel Hamzeh: A model to predict idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis outcomes

Ophthalmology (10/20/20):

  1. Chau Pham: Eyelid malignancy 

High Throughput Screening Facility (1/20/21)

  1. Meng Wu: Tracking and quantifying cell mitosis in microscopy image sequences

Law (10/20/20):

  1. Jason Rantanen: Distance Reading Patent Law 

Nursing (10/20/20):

  1. Stephanie Gilbertson-White: Using machine learning to develop symptom prediction models in patients with cancer and multimorbidity


CFP - see the linked information for submission info

    • Carver College of Medicine (CCoM) CFP​
      • (​closed, 6 projects selected)
    • CCoM Departments and Units
      • Biochemistry - 2020-CFP, 2021-CFP
        • (closed, 2 projects selected)
      • Psychiatry - 2019 CFP2020 CFP
        • (closed, 2 projects selected)
      • Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center - CFP 
        • (closed, 3 projects selected)
      • Radiology - CFP, 2020 CFP 
        • (closed, 4 projects selected)
    • College of Education - CFP sent to a targeted subgroup
      • (closed, 1 2-year project selected)
      College of Engineering - CFP 
      • (closed, 3 projects selected)
    • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - CFP, 2020  CFP
      • (closed, 2 projects selected)
    • Tippie College of Business - CFP2020 CFP
      • (closed, 1 project selected)
    • Injury Prevention Research Center - College of Public Health - CFP
      • ​​(closed, 2 projects selected)
    • COVID-19
      • (contact prior to proposal submission, 1 project selected)
    2019-2020 - Pilot Research Proposal Deadlines - CLOSED
    Unit LOI (38) Proposal Selection (28), Final Report Extramural Grant Submitted and/or Funded
    Biochemistry 11/1/19 (2) 12/20/19



    College of Education Targeted PIs (1) 3/27/20 Estapa-King Obermann - funded
    NSF - submitted
    College of Engineering 2/20/20 (5) 3/21/20




    CLAS 10/1/19  (3) 11/15/19

    DeRoo - Report

    Nithyanand - Report

    NASA, Chandra - 2 submitted

    DoD-Minerva - funded

    HCCC 11/1/19 (4) 12/20/19

    Cornell - Report

    Kim - Report

    Park - Report

    Psychiatry 8/15/19   (3) 9/23/19

    Chan - Report


    Radiology 10/1/19   (6) 11/15/19

    Laroia A

    Bathla - Report

    Priya - Report

    Kandemirli - Report



    ACS - funded


    Tippie College of Business 10/1/19   (3) 11/15/19 Vasi - Report NSF - submitted
    IPRC-CPH 2/14/20 (2) 5/1/20



    Carver College of Medicine 5/15/20 (8) 6/1/20



    Gonzalez Bosquet




    COVID-19 (1)   Engineering - Xu-Mudumbai NSF - funded


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