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The Iowa Initiative for Artificial Intelligence (IIAI) was formed in 2019, in part supported by internal funding from the Provost Initiative. The IIAI builds on the foundation if the Engineering Initiative for Artificial Intelligence that was started in 2018 with financial support from the College of Engineering. IIAI's main goal is to support interdisciplinary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning research collaborations at the University of Iowa. The formation of this initiative reflects a strong institutional support to AI, machine learning, deep learning, and high-performance GPU computing across application areas. The IIAI brings together faculty members, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows with active research in this area.


The mission of IIAI is to foster efficient and cooperative inter-disciplinary and cross-college research and discovery in artificial intelligence, and to improve training and education within the broader community at the University of Iowa.

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The IIAI main office is located in L304-PBDB.

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